Monday, February 2, 2009

Letter to Liz

I sure love you more than words can say.

Liz, you are my best friend and I have never felt this way about anyone or anything. It's difficult to explain how I feel inside. it is impossible to describe. Just now playing in the background is OUR song "This Kiss" by Faith Hill. You are in doing talk time with our boys. I am so in love with you I get lost in you. I know we will make it through all the way to infinity. Thank you for loving me.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Hello and welcome to another day in the life of the truck driver blogger. I just wanted to take a quick moment and tell you something fun about Liz. She loves to look at shoes all the time. Today we went into ross to look for a gift for her brother and we needed to go to one area of the store to get this item, yet here we were heading kinda like straight for the shoes. I endured it and casually looked at different types with her. well she said she was just looking at shoes and it doesn't hurt to look at all. well, I agree it doesn't hurt to look, I knew eventually we would get to look at some cool guys stuff, somewhere. wouldn't we? Anyways it was fun and we were only there a few minutes LOOKING at shoes, with her tennis shoe off of her right foot and the leopard shoe print high heel shoe actually on her foot. Just looking. So we looked at all of the size 8's and worked our way around the end of the aisle semi-barefooted to the size 7 and 1/2's. still just looking. Wow we had a great time. I actually did see some cool ones and kind of know what she likes as far as style goes. I am pretty sure she knows that I would buy each and every pair of shoes she wanted if she would let me. She has a standard price for each pair it has to be under 20 bucks. The limit I would put on it is around 35.00 or so.

We went to see a movie after that, called Eagle eye. I liked it. think she did too.
Best part of all of it was being with her. That's all I have for now. And oh yeah... Avoid returning your own personal movies into the REDBOX. It's not fun trying to get your movie back, especially if you are not sure which one it was.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

For Elizabeth

Hello and welcome to my attempt to keep up with my YOUNGER wife who has a blog and has had one for quite some time.
I think the world of her so if any one is reading this let me forewarn you that you will mostly be reading about how much I love her and all the cool things she continues to teach me and other deep insights that i have into her BEAUTIFUL personna.
Also, just so you know I am not the world's greatest speller and I am not a very deep of a person, so mainly it's all for me to show her that I think about her all of the time.
I will do things how I want and change the focus of where I am going quite often so keep up or be quiet and let my mind wander it's ever short course. I am glad that she finds me suitable to her needs and hope that I can always keep impressing her.
She is my best friend and the purest person I have ever known. It's amazing all the wyas taht she touches life and the very depth that she has in her soul. She is a mystery and classy and funny and fun. She's full of love and has a zest for life. Life is short and she lives every minute without wasting a second of it. She is a very determined person, she teaches our boys and me in all the subtlest of ways and with grand results.
She is MINE. That's the mystery, how did I get her? well someday I'll lay it all out for you. How do I keep her? WELL, funny thing is I just be me.