Wednesday, December 10, 2008

For Elizabeth

Hello and welcome to my attempt to keep up with my YOUNGER wife who has a blog and has had one for quite some time.
I think the world of her so if any one is reading this let me forewarn you that you will mostly be reading about how much I love her and all the cool things she continues to teach me and other deep insights that i have into her BEAUTIFUL personna.
Also, just so you know I am not the world's greatest speller and I am not a very deep of a person, so mainly it's all for me to show her that I think about her all of the time.
I will do things how I want and change the focus of where I am going quite often so keep up or be quiet and let my mind wander it's ever short course. I am glad that she finds me suitable to her needs and hope that I can always keep impressing her.
She is my best friend and the purest person I have ever known. It's amazing all the wyas taht she touches life and the very depth that she has in her soul. She is a mystery and classy and funny and fun. She's full of love and has a zest for life. Life is short and she lives every minute without wasting a second of it. She is a very determined person, she teaches our boys and me in all the subtlest of ways and with grand results.
She is MINE. That's the mystery, how did I get her? well someday I'll lay it all out for you. How do I keep her? WELL, funny thing is I just be me.

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  1. =) You do make me smile and laugh and feel soft on you! I love you.